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Check out some beautiful American Girls’ WhatsApp numbers looking for boys to chat with on WhatsApp. They live in places over the United States, such as the ones that Huey Lewis listed in his song, The Heart of Rock & Roll: New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., San Antonio, Philadelphia, Boston, Baton Rouge, Tulsa, Austin, Oklahoma City, Seattle, San Francisco, Cleveland, and Detroit. Of course singer James Brown would add New Orleans, Dallas, Atlanta, Kansas City, and Chicago, some of places he mentioned in his song, Living in America.

These USA girls are quite friendly and want to make friends with guys from all over the world.

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American Girls

So if you arrived on this page searching for WhatsApp numbers of girls in America, this is the best place to be because you will find some American girls’ WhatsApp numbers below.

American girls are very friendly and civilized. They like guys who like to have fun and loves to make friends with cute guys from all around the world.

Girls from the USA are always surprisingly very caring, happy, and open to possibilities. In some ways they are the epitome of femininity, with their amazing curves, their funny wigs, and their crazy makeup. And the American culture encourages them to have so many wonderful friends. In a country where love is arguably the most prized possession, American girls are in some ways the richest in the world.

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But American girls also sometimes feel left out of the conversation. For that reason, so many have turned to texting and WhatsApp to find meaningful communication. They are interested in knowing what other people think. Do some girls just have an insatiable desire to text?

So if you are interested in American ladies, this is your opportunity of making friends with some beautiful girls in America.

In the past, we have shared some Australian girls’ WhatsApp numbers on this site and some other girls’ WhatsApp numbers form other countries such as UAE, Brazil, South Africa etc.

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America, Dialog, and Dating

There is constant interest in mobile WhatsApp numbers of beautiful girls in America seeking friendship and togetherness.

Many of the girls looking for a connection on WhatsApp are single ladies, students, and working class, while few are single moms. As you might imagine, they are just hopeful girls and ladies searching for love, fun, and friendship.

Good luck!

Name Age Location WhatsApp Number
Elliell 23 Carson, California +1-764054265
Rae 24 Dallas, Texas +1-2025550104
Manixo 22 Wilmington, Delaware +1-7058255754
Kitty 21 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania +1-2025550137
Linda 24 Binghamton, New York +1-2025550147
Revela 19 Atlanta, Georgia, USA +1-8573099108

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