by Nwosu “Mavtrevor” Desmond

On my last post I shared “My Facebook Video Traffic Secret.” In that article I explained how you can use Facebook videos to drive traffic to your blog. This article is like an extension of that article. Today I want to show you the results of my little experiment, and how I am making one of my blogs very popular and at the same time driving FREE massive traffic to it.

How to drive massive traffic to your blog with Facebook videos

So if you have not read my earlier article, I recommend you read it now. There you can learn how to upload videos to your Facebook page and how you can add your site link to it to get people to visit your blog after watching the video.

This method is a very effective method and I will prove it to you by the end of this article that Facebook videos can be a great way to drive quality traffic to your website.

Just as I explained in my last article, people easily engage on videos on Social media especially on Facebook. You can leverage on this to drive traffic to your blog.

You can send people to your blog after seeing a great video you shared on Facebook. Videos easily go viral because it is easily shared and remember I said the other day that it has the highest post weight which means organically, Facebook will show your videos on people’s timelines more than a text post.

So when you share a great video, ensure to use the method I shared in my last article to add your site link or any link you may want to promote to it, because if that video eventually gets seen by millions of people, your site will also be shown to millions of people for free.

But my main focus on this article is in promoting videos just as you boost your posts to be seen by more people. Facebook video views cost way cheaper than text and link posts. So with just little money, your video can be seen by a lot of people and so will your site as well.

Look at the result of a video I boosted with just $1. Look at the massive view views and link clicks. Imagine I am running this ad with say $10 daily, not only will more people visit my site via the link on the video, I will also be creating a brand awareness and will this gain even more fans on my Facebook page.

I have decided to share this secret with you because I know many of you will find it very useful in promoting your sites and blogs.


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Nwosu “Mavtrevor” Desmond is a blogger and web designer. Though a graduate of Industrial Chemistry, he has flair for technology and gadgets.