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About Johannesburg

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Johannesburg, city, now part and seat of City of Johannesburg metropolitan municipality, Gauteng prov., NE South Africa, on the southern slopes of the Witwatersrand at an altitude of 5,750 ft (1,753 m). The capital of Gauteng, Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa, the center of its important gold-mining industry, its manufacturing and commercial center, and the hub of its transportation network. Gold mining is the sprawling city's chief industry. Manufactures include cut diamonds, industrial chemicals, plastics, cement, electrical, electronic, and mining equipment, paper and paper products, glass, food products, and beer. South Africa's main stock exchange (founded 1887) is in the city.

--- Johannesburg - The Free Dictionary by Farlex

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Name Age Location WhatsApp Number
Moreen 20 Johannesburg +27-84-741-9334
Nadia 18 Johannesburg +27-83-421-8190
Sowsa 25 Johannesburg +27-66-463-7571

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