Meet Lyndsay From Ontario, Canada

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Meet Lyndsay from Ontario, Canada. She is 19 years old and interested in both boys and girls from any part of the world for friendship.

Lyndsay is single and currently a student of one of the Universities in Canada where she is studying public administration.

She is interested in people who are of like-minds. She is looking for friendships that can help her grow and become a better person in life and to her society.

Lyndsay wants to work in the public sector when she is done with her education and will like to meet people with experience in public works.


Here is how she described herself?

“I am full of energy and willing to try anything once! If you want to know more message me!:)”

“I’d like to meet an honest and kind people. I’d like to communicate with the optimist and happy person, because I’m an optimist too. I want someone to respect Me and never hurt me. Someone to be a friend and maybe an travel buddy, we shall see.:-).”

So do you think you have what it takes to become friends with Lyndsay? Do you think you can be a good friend to Lyndsay? Then use the comment section below to tell her why you think you can be a good friend to her.

Lyndsay is a Christian (Catholic) and want to meet people from any religious background provided you will have regards and respect for her faith just as she has promised to do the same towards you.

She has a good sense of humor and like to goof around alone and with friends.

When she is not studying, Lyndsay is watching her favorite tv shows or surfing the internet.