Mel From Alberta In Canada Wants To Meet Someone Special

Meet Mel, a 24 years old lady from Alberta in Canada. She is interested in meeting friends who are also interested in her.

Mel is a pediatrician and a Christian. She is looking for people with value for personal friendship and respect for others for a long-term relationship.

Med described herself as;

“Real , Loyal & Determined.

Soft , loving & unapologetic for who I am

Ask me the rest.. what would we talk about if I tell you everything here 😉”

And she is looking for someone who knows what they want in life and determined to chase their dreams no matter the challenges in their paths.


Other important things to know about Mel is that she is originally from Oregon in America but immigrated to Canada in her early teens. She speaks English and French fluently and is determined to learn even more languages.

She wants to meet people from different parts of the world so she could learn more about their cultures and languages. She is also a student of German and Arabic languages.

Mel likes to party hard when she is not working or studying, she wants people who share the same ideologies as friends. She believes life should always be about serious stuff, you need to enjoy yourself when you can find the time.

So if you are also a party head and like to become friends with Mel, this may just be your opportunity of meeting a Canadian girl and become friends with her.

You can even visit Mel someday in Canada and get to see the interesting places in Canada with her. She is willing to assist you in any ways she can, provided you are friends first.

So take advantage of this and show you can be a real friend to this beautiful girl from Alberta, Canada today.